Why US?

Closed Loop Extractor.Com

·         Supplies the highest quality Closed loop extractor systems on the market

·         Has been in business for over 5 years and is currently expanding its manufacturing and warehouse to further meet customer’s needs.

·         Has sold 100's of systems to extraction artists and distributors

·         Provides pre- and post-sale customer support with expert advice

·         Provides equipment support by stocking parts and performing repairs so you can be back up and running in no time!


Why Choose A System From Closed-Loop Extractor.Com?

·         Closed loop extractor systems are better than those sold by others.

·         Closed loop extractor systems have Superior engineering.

·         Closed loop extractor systems with Full flow design eliminate bottle necking.

·         A Closed loop extractor systems Large surface area bottom with jacketed base creates rapid gas recovery.

·         Dome lids allow for thermal gas expansion in Closed loop extractor systems.

·         Spray ball end caps promote even penetration, no dry spots in our Closed loop extractor systems.


Which System to Choose?

·         Just learning? Choose the Table top tester model or 1 LB model Closed loop extractor systems.

·         Production quantities? The 3 LB Closed loop extractor systems is the most typical size.

·         Custom Closed loop extractor systems range up to 50 LBS (customer consults with manufacturer)


Economics of Business:

·         Type of extract is left to the customer so economics will depend on choice of material.

·         Extracts generally are very high value Products * Lavender Oil wholesale is $2,000/gallon and Rose Oil is $50,000/gallon

·         Depending on your choice of material to extract from the cost of the system can be recouped in one production run.


Regulatory Issues:

·         Consult with manufacturer.


Examples of Topics Covered During Buyer Training:

·         Description of system and its main components.

·         Walk through how system would be filled with material.

·         Walk through how it would be filled with solvent (butane).