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Featuring the100liter Professional Closed Loop Extractor

Essential OIl Closed Loop Solvent Recovery Extractor


Fully Jacketed Conically Bottom, built for production!
Don't worry about overloading ever again!

Closed Loop Extractors are the best extraction devices on Earth!
Butane Recovers faster than any other solvent at an easy to maintain temp. Butane requires
 the Lowest Operating Pressures of 0 to15psi. Closed Loop Extractors really are the safest to work with, get your own today!



Raining Gold Closed Loop Extractor.Com


Closed Loop Extractor.Us

·         Supplies the highest quality Closed loop extractor systems on the market

·         Has been in business for over 5 years and is currently expanding its manufacturing and warehouse to further meet customer’s needs.

·         Has sold 100's of systems to extraction artists and distributors

·         Provides pre- and post-sale customer support with expert advice

·         Provides equipment support by stocking parts and performing repairs so you can be back up and running in no time!


Why Choose A System From Closed-Loop Extractor.Us?

·         Closed loop extractor systems are Just better than the other methods of extraction.

·         Closed loop extractor systems have Superior engineering.

·         Closed loop extractor systems with Full flow design eliminate bottle necking.

·         A Closed loop extractor systems Large surface area bottom with jacketed base creates rapid gas recovery.

·         Dome lids allow for thermal gas expansion in Closed loop extractor systems.

·         Spray ball end caps promote even penetration, no dry spots in our Closed loop extractor systems.


Which System to Choose?

·         Just learning? Choose the Table top tester model or 1 LB model Closed loop extractor systems.

·         Production quantities? The 3 LB Closed loop extractor systems is the most typical size.

·         Custom Closed loop extractor systems range up to 50 LBS (customer consults with manufacturer)


Economics of Business:

·         Type of extract is left to the customer so economics will depend on choice of material.

·         Extracts generally are very high value Products * Lavender Oil wholesale is $2,000/gallon and Rose Oil is $50,000/gallon

·         Depending on your choice of material to extract from the cost of the system can be recouped in one production run.

Regulatory Issues:

·        Follow your local and State Laws.


Examples of Topics Covered During Buyer Training:

·         Description of system and its main components.

·         Walk through how system would be filled with material.

·         Walk through how it would be filled with solvent (butane).

Grams of Trim Per Run Yield in Grams 12 hour runs per day Total Raw Per Day # of Days  Raw Grams Monthly Sell Price Monthly Rev. Raw
3624 362.4 2 724.8 12 8697.6 8 69580.8
Enter #lbs Below Enter YIeld % Below  
8 10  
Vape per Day 1/2 Gram Vape 1 Gram Vape Wax per Day 1/2 Gram Wax 1 Gram Wax
Vape Allocation 1800 360 1440 Wax Allocation 724.8 434.88 507.36
Price Per Item  $                               9  $                         14 Price Per Item  $                        15  $                 20
Revenue Per Day  $                        3,240  $                  20,160 Revenue Per Day  $                   6,523  $          10,147
Revenue Per 5 Days  $                      16,200  $                100,800 Revenue Per 5 Days  $                 32,616  $          50,736
Revenue Per 22 Day Month  $                 38,880.00  $           241,920.00 Revenue Per 22 Day Month  $                 78,278  $   121,766.40
VAPE REVENUE TOTAL  $                    280,800 WAX REVENUE TOTAL  $               200,045

Call 844-710-7710 for Questions or More Information M-F 10-5 or email any time sales@closedloopextractor.us

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Closed Loop Extractors are the best extraction devices on Earth!

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