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This product is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
We are not liable for the mis-use and abuse of the product in any way shape or form.
Solvents can be very flammable and should never be used near an open flame!
Exercise precaution!
The Buyer is responsible for following all local rules and state laws that apply to their state. 
We are not responsible for the end user using this product in any un-lawful manner.

Have a good day!

Energy Falls, LLC

Legal Notice

Legislation regarding  manufacturing, owning and
operating  differs from country/county to country/county. Please familiarize
yourself with the applicable laws in your country/county and acquire legal
opinions and advise when necessary. Energy Falls, LLC and cannot be held responsible if you operate illegally in your country/county.

It is a condition of sale and operation that you hold Energy Falls, LLC and, its agents, it principles and its personnel, free of any harm in the event that you own, have in possession or  produce or sell anything illegally in your country/county or exceed allowable quotas thereof. You are solely responsible to ensure that you are working within the laws of your country/county.