Butane Extractor Buyers Guide

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Rose essential oil is worth $50K a gallon, Order an extractor today and start your business tomorrow! 
• 2,000 pounds of lavender flowers = one gallon of lavender oil.
• 2,000 pounds of oranges = 10 gallons of orange oil
• 5.5 million roses = 1 liter of rose oil. (That’s 30 rosebuds in EACH DROP of rose oil.)

 Closed Loop System Extractors:
  • Uses Butane, Propane, the 70/30 custom blend, and Even ZHO Organic Solvents like MZX12! 
  • Our Collection tank is 8-gallons!
  • You can run material all day, no need to clean out after every tube full. 
  • No chance of clogging your lines or vacuum pump.
  • we have the largest capacity for gas expansion insuring liquid never enters your equipment.
  • First Extractor on the Market to include Lifting handles!
  • The Best Phone support ever!
  • Dome top lids for added head room speed up recovery times.
  • Industry Leader in tower sizes. If your tube isn't 36" inches long and at least 4" inches around you can't hold 2lbs of material! 
  • Our 14" round base makes us the largest one around! 
  • The largest surface area, Allows for the fastest recovery! It also minimizes the pressure making ours the safest! 
  • It allows you to make pounds of oil!
  •  Collection tank is a vacuum purge chamber!


Closed Loop Essential Oil BHO Extractor

Steam Distillation Only collects 40% of the material available switch to a better solvent today and up your returns 60%.

You can re-use the butane  a minimum of 10times or more in a closed loop setup. Saving you over $400 dollars every 10 runs. 
Reclaim that butane!

We feature the 4" x 36" Dominator all stainless steel towers.

Volume calculations for the Dominator
4" tube: radius = 2" Height=36"
452 cubic inches
=2.25Lbs of material

4"x48"=3lbs of material

4"x12"=0.75lbs of materiel

Extractor and Vacuum Purge chamber in one

All stainless steel parts are rated @120psi 
the systems normal operating pressure is 15psi to 30psi max ASME states the vessel to be rated 4x operating pressure!
Good Engineering states only 2x is more than safe!

Pressure Certification For Oregon
Pressure certification:
Is to be done by the owner of the vessel during installation and witnessed by an inspector.

Licensing of boiler contractors and per­sons installing, altering or repairing boilers or pressure vessels
§ 480.560¹ 
• testing
• rules
Inspections; testing; rules. (1) The Board of Boiler Rules shall adopt rules to provide for the inspection of the installation, operation and condition of boilers and pressure vessels that are used or proposed for use in this state and not made exempt from periodic inspection under ORS 480.510

(2) Pressure piping that is nonboiler external piping, but that excludes potable water nonboiler external piping, shall be inspected on installation only and may not thereafter be considered as part of the boiler for the purposes of any subsequent inspections required by this section.

(3) If a hydrostatic test is necessary to determine the safety of a boiler or pressure vessel, the test shall be made by the owner or user of the boiler or pressure vessel and witnessed by a deputy or special inspector.

 CO2 Extractor Review Review Review
Co2 Extractors use carbon dioxide 'pure pollution' to extract which is poison. All Flavor is striped or freeze burned off and has to have artificial flavors re-added.
Co2 Extractors initial high cost is a huge downer. The Co2 extractor also has huge hidden up keep costs no one is talking about. The extremely high pressure 5000+psi breaks down the systems moving components and breaks pumps left and right, causing down time and more out of pocket expenses. You'll have to keep throwing money at these beasts like their luxury cruise lines. Not to mention most co2 extractors have really tiny material columns 1lb or less.

Reviews of Other brands closed loop extractors:

  • Over priced, Undersized collection tanks! Excessive high pressure due to small collection vessels! 
  • Don't get stung by the BLhopro! they use tiny towers that cant hold the amount of material they claim and then they used under sized collection tanks!
  • Undersized collection tanks allow the vacuum pump to suck in liquid which is very, very bad! It clogs the lines with essential oil and eventually ruins your vacuum pump.
  • "Inline de-waxing" is an attempt to short cut the winterizing/dewaxing method and at best "inline dewaxing" only removes 10% of what true winterization does! fact:No Scientific proof keeping the solvent colder does anything! Don't be bamboozled, by kids without college degrees!
  • Dry Ice Sleeves do not dewax- pure gimmick. it is required by sub0 because they dont chill their solvent tanks and with out the dry ice sleeve their systems wouldn't work. The sub0 20lb unit takes 24+ hours to do one run, seriously un-happy customers.
  • Lifting extremely heavy metal tanks filled with butane above your head is extremely dangerous!
  • Don't buy an IFE (iffy) extractor who knows what it'll do! I don't know if I would use anything IFE.
  • Bogart-ing is bad! Don't be a Bogarth!!! Pass that to the left my friends! Cheap welds, bad gauge hook ups and no customer service.
  • Precise Ones copy the look of Co2 extractors to a Tee, but have no true function and are not worth the price tag. 

Confusing complicated systems! 
                           The Little Twerp,  wastes your time!
terpinator, mk III terppextractor, confusing complicated, not engineerd properly

Beware of Tiny towers that can't hold the amount of material they claim.

Best Vacunothing

The tasmacosttodamnmuch and The Sweet Tea Guys 
just want your money!
Tiny collection tanks and even smaller towers can't hold anything. 

Very Dangerous! Open Blasting should never be used! It is bad for the environment and a huge waste of money! People have failed too many times to continue this old practice!